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Wordless Wednesday | Halloween

Goodbye Evernote, Hello OneNote

What?  I'm leaving Evernote behind! As most of you know I have been a huge Evernote supporter from the beginning and I have had a paid membership from the beginning {until October 1st}.    There has been a lot of talk about Evernote not lasting much longer because they have been making a lot of changes and letting people go.   That got me thinking about what I would do if they did cease to exist.   I started looking at all of my options and the best option, for me, is OneNote.   I already have it on my computer and it is free.   I can use OneNote on my desktop, laptop, phone, and table all for free.   I can still use tags {a bit different than what I am use to but it works and I am finding that I really don't need that many tags}.   I can still search for things and actually find what I am looking for.   I can still clip stuff from the web using the OneNote clipper.   I'm currently working on moving notes from Evernote to OneNote.   It can be a bit tedious but t

Halloween Family Traditions

2018 Pumpkins My family has been having a pumpkin carving party for the last several years.  Each year I go on a hunt for some new patterns.  Today, I want to share some of my favorite places to get patterns.  The Pumpkin Lady Pumpkin Pile KOA - Camping themed Military Themed CelebratingHalloween Disney Stoney Kins DLTK Band of Cats Dotcom Women BHG HGTV College Football DIY Network Do you carve pumpkins with your family?  Please share your pumpkins with me.

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday