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Using Evernote for my planner

In my last post , I mentioned how I am using Evernote as my planner; a few of you have had some questions so here I am. I started using Evernote the week of December 23rd.  I was looking for a new planner for 2017 and I was not liking anything that I was finding.  I keep lists of all sorts of things in Evernote so it only made sense to try and find a way to use Evernote for my planner.  I did a little bit of research and found these templates  for 2017.  With a little adjusting, I was able to make the weekly template work for me. I first created a folder called Day Planner {I put the folder in my Inbox stack because I spend the most time here}. !Inbox -- default notebook.  Anything coming into Evernote goes here to be sorted and dealt with {It is piling up today}. Ideally, this is emptied every day but for me, it is more like a few times a week. !TO DO -- This is the notebook that holds some of those lists.  My genealogy to do list, my blog to do list and my brainstorming lis

Around the web

A few things I found of interest on the web.  All are Evernote related but the very first one.   A blog post by a mom that I graduated high school with who has a daughter with Rett Syndrome is doing her part to help find a cure.  Please read her post Small Town, Big Heart . While you are there you can find out more about Rett Syndrome and what you can do to help.   Evernote as a Planner  -- I have started using Evernote to organize my days.  It is some trial and error but so far I am really liking it. Digital Planning and Evernote  -- I use Wunderlist, Google Calendar, and Evernote 2017 Evernote calendar templates -- I am using the 2017 Weekly Calendar with a few tweaks to make it my own Use Evernote to Make the Most of Every Week -- I have not implemented this yet but I am thinking about something similar to use to review goals and plans. 13 Way To Use Evernote -- There are some great ideas here. Happy New Year!!