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Insperation Boards

Day 39 : Life in a Cubicle Originally uploaded by angel90 I have been looking at inspiration boards tonight. I came across this one and just love the clothes pins holding on to the things on the board. Do you have one?? Show me if you do; I am really interested in seeing what inspires you.

Mother's Day Poem

I have been trying to post all week and blogger just did not like I will try it again. This is the poem that I got from Hutner for Mother's Day My mommy is the greatest! Her name is Shannon. Her heart is large enought to hold a universe. And she is as beautiful as a monkey. She is as strong as a cat. And her favorite thing to do is go shopping. She's as tall as a short tree. My mom works very hard at her job. She's a stay at home mom. For all of these reasons, I love my mommy more than a monkey. ~Hunter age 9 I laughed so I hard I was crying! He loves me a lot because monkeys are his favorite, so I know that he loves me a LOT. I will try and post the pictures in a while.