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at the park

a scrap book page...havent posted one of these in a while...I did this one yesterday. 


Some new pictures of Hunter...I just took them today...he cooperated through about half of them! Some turned out really cute and others are not so great.  



Town park

Kidsburg and where the river should be. These were taken after the river crested.  
looking towards Danville from the overpass and the last two are looking at Fernville from the overpass.  

The fairgrounds

Pictures were taken from the route 42 overpass over route 11  


This is the bridge in Fernville going in to Bloomsburg. This is/was a garage. In the front the doors were pushed in by the water and then the foundation in the back was washed away for the water to go out. More muddy water blocking the road in Fernville to get to Buckhorn. 


Some from Ryan and Megans basement  

Ryan and Megans neighbor's house

Creek rd...looking towards Fernville 

More from Ryan and Megan's

The poor camper! News paper headlines!