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Wordless Wednesday

Dec 1982

Evernote to OneNote | Importing Notes

A few weeks ago I posted about moving to OneNote from Evernote .  To start the process I searched for a way export my Evernote notes into OneNote.  At the OneNote website you can download a OneNote importer.  Once it is downloaded double click to open and follow the instructions to link your Evernote account.   {Save the importer because you will be using it a lot to import your notes} .    I do not suggest selecting all of your notebooks and doing them at one time, especially if you have a lot of notes.  Before I started the importer I did a little housekeeping in my Evernote notebooks and deleted notes that were not needed.  You can also create some dummy notebooks in Evernote to break up your notes into smaller chunks so you do not run into any issues when importing to OneNote.  Once in OneNote you will want to move your notes around into your new organization system. Select your notebook, select next and let the imported do its magic.  It will ask you

From My Family to Your Family

Changes Are Coming!

October Scrapbook Pages

New digital scrapbook pages.  You can view my gallery at the Lilypad .  All products on these pages can be found at the Lilypad as well.  (Credits are in the gallery under each image).

Wordless Wednesday