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Wordless Wednesday

Evernote Tags and Notebooks | How I use them

I did a post in 2015 called Tagging and Notebooks in Evernote and since then some things have changed with my tagging and notebook system in Evernote. The image below shows what my tags and notebooks looked like in 2015. The next two image show my tags and notebooks today. As you can see I have a lot more notebooks and tags currently.  The number of tags changes quite often because a lot of my tags are temporary, and I also delete notes when I am done with them.  I routinely go thorough Evernote and delete notes that are no longer relevant.  Once I do that I eventually have tags with no notes so I will go through my tags frequently and delete all tags that do not have any notes associated with it. Each notebook stack, except for 5 - HOUSE, 7 - TEMPLATES, and z FILING CABINET z do not have an @ tag associated with it.  The tag for 5 - HOUSE is currently nested under the @SHANNON tag because it keeps my tag list shorter and because there are only a ha

Just a Little Brain Surgery

Going home today!  Thursday, August 23, 2018. Monday, August 21, 2018 I had brain surgery to hopefully fix the pain I have been having from the blood vessel wrapped around my Trigeminal nerve.  To read more about Trigeminal neuralgia click here .  The Trigeminal nerve is a nerve that runs from the brain stem to the face.  The procedure that I had done is called  microvascular decompression   So far so good...the pain seems to be gone. Morning of surgery for my MRI brain mapping. And my lovely incision.  There are about 13 staples in my head.  Thursday, August 23, 2018.  I am feeling okay.  There is not a lot of pain; mostly burning and itching from the start of healing. I am told that I cannot do much for 6 to 12 weeks (at first I was told about 2 weeks and a much smaller incision).  I guess this leaves more time for genealogy and crafting while I recover.  And lets face housework for 12 weeks is win win for me!

Tombstone Tuesday

  Edward C. Lewis Born : 1 Oct 1824 Blairstown, Warren, New Jersey, USA Died : 14 Aug 1891, Union Township, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA Buried : Aug 1891 at Oakdale Cemetery, Hunlock Creek, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA Edward is my 3rd great-grandfather.  He married Eleanor Bonham 27 Mar 1842 You can read more about Edward in this post .   I have added Edward to my to do list as I still have some unanswered questions.  Watch for more on Edward C. Lewis.

Wordless Wednesday

Dad, Me, and Mom Easter 1980

Evernote Genealogy Shared Notebook | An Update

I have been working on updating the Evernote Genealogy Notebook with some new templates and new screen shots.  If you have not joined the Genealogy Notebook you can find the instructions here .  I have also reorganized the notebook so it is easier to find things.  All notes are now linked through the index and the note titles and numbered to correspond with the index. Updated Index Note

Putting Pen to Paper

Over at Anglers Rest Julie Goucher posted Planners, Notebooks & How it Came to be about her planning system.  I thought I would share how I plan and keep track of everything that I do. As most of you know I use Evernote for my brain but sometimes I just have to write things down.  I have always used some sort of planner.  I even used Evernote for a planner for a while but I missed putting pen to paper.   There are tons of options for planners.  I currently use a  Chic Sparrow  Traveler's Notebook.  It is in the  Mr. Darcy Leather  and the color is a retired color called Mayflower.  {This was gifted to me by a wonderful person and friend...she is the best} I've also grown to love fountain pens but that is a post for another time.   Inside the front cover there are some sticky pockets with clips and some business cards.  On the right is a dashboard that I made and in the pocket are some stickers. This is the other side of the dashboard with

Database Stats

Have you looked at your numbers recently? I have not done a statistics post since 2015 {or even looked at my stats}.  In 2015 I had 3,109 people in my Legacy database and today I have 3,397.  In the last three years {probably more like 2.5 years}  I managed to only add 288 people to my database.  I took a break from Genealogy for a few months.  When I did return to researching I found that it would be wise to focus on cleaning up my information and sources.   My focus for the rest of 2018 will be to work on adding Find A Grave information for those in my database that do not have it.  Once that is complete I plan to head to  to add death certificates.   What do your stats look like?

Wordless Wednesday

Me 1980