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Yard Sale Finds

My favorite Yard Sale find!  Metal rooster tray. This year when yard sale season came along I started going out and looking for pyrex and other goodies.  I have had some days where I'm not finding anything and then there are days where I hit the jackpot.  {like only spending $13.50 and coming home with a metal tray with a rooster on it and 5 or 6 pieces of pyrex}. $1.75 for all three. I know some people do not like yard sales at all but I know a lot who love them and I think I am starting to become one of them! Everyone has a story to tell and if you take the time hear those stories from those you meet along the way it makes your treasures that much more meaningful.  The Friendship one below came from a woman who told me about her mother getting it for her not long after she was married from a truck that came around selling pyrex. $.50 for this Friendship pyrex piece. {When I grow up I want to a}


My Pyrex collection is growing!  I love the turquoise Butter Print with my red kitchen and I am working on pulling in more turquoise accessories.  The Butterfly Gold is becoming a fast favorite as well.  I love the process of hunting for the Pyrex and then sharing with the Pyrex community on Facebook and Instagram the treasures that I found.  My collection is quickly growing and I am running out of room in the china cabinet.  Time for another piece of furniture to display all my pretties.

Some changes around here

I decided to make some changes to my blog.  I found that keeping this blog only for Genealogy has really limited my creativity in blogging.  I have a lot of interests besides Genealogy and maintaining multiple blogs does not work for me.  I have decided to combine all of my interests into one blog.  I am keeping the name Our Life Picture by Picture because this blog is all about my life and the many things that I enjoy. The image below shows my blog header (which I am going to be changing soon) and the menu below it.  From here you can select the topics that you want to view. You can also view topics by clicking on a label {tag} to go to that topic. The Evernote Links tab has a link to all Evernote posts, some popular Evernote posts, and a link to my shared Evernote notebook I'm hoping this blog makeover will allow me to keep my blogging mojo since I will be able to post about other things besides Genealogy.  Don't worry...I am still doing Genealogy. As alw