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Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

6 Generation Birth Chart

I've seen this popping up all over the genealogy blog world and on facebook and decided to play along.  From what I can tell J. Paul Hawthorne got the ball rolling and many gena peeps followed along.  You can find some great instructions here and the Google Docs template.

My chart is very boring!  In 6 generations there is no one outside of Pennsylvania.{at least none that I can find...there are a few elusive ancestors still hiding.} What?!?!

What does your ancestor birth place chart look like?

Blogging A to Z -- Theme Reveal

It's almost time for the A to Z blogging challenge for April!

Are you participating??

You can find last years A to Z challenge here.

This year for the A to Z challenge I am going to blog about someone in my family tree.  {I still cannot figure out what I am going to do for X}

You can find this years A to Z posts here.

Please leave a comment if you are participating this year so I can take a look at you posts.

Happy Blogging!

Middle Names – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Randy at Genea – Musings posted the Saturday night mission and here are my middle names.

5th great grandparent
Peter Siegfried and Magdalene Billheimer
Daniel Siegfried
Hannah Siegfried

4th great grandparents
Daniel Siegfried and Julia Dieter
William Henry Siegfried
Henry Siegfried
Mary Magdalena Siegfried (mother's first name)

3rd great grandfather
William HenrySiegfried and Mary Jane Bachman
Levi Albert Siegfried
Alonzo Elwood Seigfreid
Daniel L. Siegfried (same name as father’s father)
Gertrude I. Siegfried
Angeline Siegfried
Frances E. Siegfried
William Andrew Siegfried
Leanda Siegfried
Sarah Margaretha SiegfriedAtlas Sophie Siegfreid
Catharine Siegfried
Calvin Tobias Siegfried
Arzula Rosanna Siegfried
Floradia Siegfried
Alice Siegfried
Horatio S. Siegfried
Edward Ambrose Siegfried

2nd great grandparents
Alonzo Elwood Seigfreid and Edna Mae Gensel
Harold Elwood Seigfreid (fathers middle name)
Walter Lynn Siegfried (same name as mother’s father)
William Henry Seigfreid (same name as father’s father)
Betty S…