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Playing Catch Up

This week has been a really strange week for me.  I started to not feel well last week then on Monday morning the pain was so bad I could not get out of bed.  Off to the doctor we go and I am sent for a CAT Scan.  What?  I was diagnosed with kidney stones and a large cyst on my right ovary.  This bought me a week off work and the couch.  I was told to rest and take my pain meds.  So I did absolutely nothing all week.  I binge watched some shows on Netflix and caught up on the current season of some shows on Hulu.  I only slightly feel guilty for not doing anything!  (No genealogy or crafting fun all week but I will share some things I made last week).  I can go back to work on Monday and hopefully the kidney stones have resolved themselves.  The cyst will take some follow up but all should be well.

On another note...sad and happy at the same time!

Yesterday was Hunter's 18th birthday!  What???  Where has the time gone??  We will celebrate with a family party tonight.  (I'm lo…

Interesting This Week {to me}

How to add the Genealogy Notebook to your Evernote

I've recently had some questions about how to join my Genealogy Evernote notebook so here are the steps.  If you have questions please let me know at or leave a comment.

1. Click this link and the box should open to join the notebook.

​ You will then find the note book in your Evernote program.  I use the Windows desktop version. To copy specific notes to your notebooks to use them :

1.  Locate the notebook and right click the note you want to save in your Evernote account. 2.  Click copy to notebook. 3.  In the next window that opens select the note book you want to copy to. {I copy to my inbox notebook and make whatever changes and rename the note then move it to the correct notebook.

Evernote -- Best Practices Notebook

To help keep data consistent in my Legacy database I created a notebook named Best Practices.  Evernote is always open on my computer so it is easy to open it up and find what I need and enter it consistently each time.

For example :

When adding a Find A Grave event to my Legacy database I open the Best Practices notebook and go to the Event -- Find A Grave note.  I copy the template and paste it into the event and fill in the information.

There are notes for events, citations, and templates.  The copy and paste feature makes quick and easy to enter data consistently.

How do you keep your information consistent??

Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds

I hope you enjoy these treasures that I found this week!  Did you find anything interesting to share with me??

Long Lost Sisters Reunited Check out how well Team Penn did during the WikiTree Source-a-ThonFacebook GenealogyEasy DIY Blog GraphicsEvernote -- Facebook LiveResearching an Ancestor with a Common Name by Amy Johnson CrowScattered Squirrel -- 31 Days of Planner Fun!

Funeral Card Friday -- Harlan Levi Thomas

Harlan Levi Thomas was born 20 February 1895 in Asbury, Fishing Creek Township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania and he died 9 December 1967 in Orangeville, Columbia county, Pennsylvania.  Harlan was the Great-grandfather of my Husband. {There is a discrepancy between his date of birth on the funeral card and his date of birth on his birth registration.}

Interesting This Week

Paper Planning Magazine -- The 2nd issue is up.  It is about planners and planning.  Great resource.Forever -- Cloud photo storage.  I am still looking in to this but it looks like this could be great solution for precious photographs.Carolina Girl Genalogy blog -- She did a post about the Little Family Tree app for kids.  This looks like a great idea for the kiddos in your life.October is Family History Month!  @ Desperately Seeking Surnames  there is a post highlighting 4 things to do to celebrate.UpFront with NGS shared some upcoming virtual genalogy fairsBarbara Poole shared 10 Things I Wished I Knew When I Started My BlogI Heart Planners -- YOUR PLANNER WON’T HELP YOU GET MORE DONEHOW TO MAKE GROCERY STORE FLOWERS LOOK FANCYI love this browser timer.  It helps keep me on track.The Pomodoro Technique for time management.  {It goes with the browser timer above} What interesting things did you find this week??

Interesting This Week

I come across all kinds of stuff on the internet and wanted a way to share what I find so I am starting a weekly blog post called Interesting This Week.  Each Sunday I will post the things I have come across this week that I think are worth sharing.  They may or may not be genealogy related. The first installment of Interesting This Week starts now!

Category : Genealogy

Wiki Tree is having a Source-A-Thon on October 1st through October 3rd (72-hour sourcing marathon)

Amy Johnson Crow's blog post How to Find Your Ancestor by Researching Other People

Organize Your Family History -- How I store my genealogy information

Category : Currently Reading

Everyone Brave is Forgiven -- I just started this book this week after finding it in the Genealogy Gems Book Club

Category : Printables

Daily Docket I love using these when I feel overwhelmed on the weekend and don't really know where to begin my day.

Autumn/Fall printable blog tour -- Lots of goodies here to download and decorate your home.



This is not the best photo but it is a favorite of mine.  My grandparents with my son a few weeks ago when we doing his senior pictures.  Time sure does fly!!

The Fishing Creek Confederacy Part 1

In the next few posts in this series I hope to tell the story of the Fishing Creek Confederacy and Alvah Russel Rutan.

On August 28, 1861 the first arrests were made.  Roughly 100 men were gathered in a church in Benton, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.  Of the 100 gathered 45 men were arrested and marched to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania in Columbia County from Benton.  The men did not resist arrest even though they were not given a reason for the arrests.  From Bloomsburg the men were taken by train to Fort Mifflin (below Philadelphia). Once they arrived there they were denied contact with counsel, friends and family.  They were not told who was accusing them or what they were being arrested for.  All of the men who were arrested were Democrats and only one of them had been drafted or were eligible for the draft.

The men were honest, hard working men who believed in God and each other.  They did what they could to meet the draft quota for Columbia County.  During this troubled time politic…

Emma Siegfried . . . Who is she?

I have some alerts set up on Ebay to let me know when anything is posted with some of my surnames and even some places.  One of the alerts I get is anything Siegfried related.  About a month ago I was alerted to a picture of a woman and on the back of the picture is written Emma Siegfried {I'm pretty sure it says Mrs Emma Siegfried} and of course I bought the photo.  The other thing I noticed on the back of the photo was the photographer's name and that it says Reading PA.  {I know some of the Siegfried's come from that area}.

I looked in my Legacy database to see if I have an Emma Siegfried . . . and I do!  One is my great aunt born in 1926 {the photo is not of her} and the other is Emma Lydia Shellhammer Siegfried born in 1862 {I don't think it is of her but it could be}.

In the picture below are my 2nd Great Grandparents William Andrew Siegfried {who is also my half 2nd great uncle} and Emma Lydia Shellhammer.  From information that I have found Emma was born in Phil…

Follow Friday ~ An Evernote Tip

Jana's Fab Finds post for today lead me to the World Wide Genealogy blog where there is a blog post about incorporating Evernote into your research process.  I LOVE Evernote but I have been slacking in using it to its full potential.

I spent some time in Evernote today, however, cleaning out some old notes that I no longer needed. Yes, I DELETED some notes ... 151 notes to be exact.

The post was a good reminder to put Evernote and any other tools out there to use to help the research process easier and more efficient.

Are you using Evernote to its full potential?

Yard Sale Finds

This year when yard sale season came along I started going out and looking for pyrex and other goodies.  I have had some days where I'm not finding anything and then there are days where I hit the jackpot.  {like only spending $13.50 and coming home with a metal tray with a rooster on it and 5 or 6 pieces of pyrex}.

I know some people do not like yard sales at all but I know a lot who love them and I think I am starting to become one of them!

Everyone has a story to tell and if you take the time hear those stories from those you meet along the way it makes your treasures that much more meaningful.  The Friendship one below came from a woman who told me about her mother getting it for her not long after she was married from a truck that came around selling pyrex.

{When I grow up I want to a}


My Pyrex collection is growing!  I love the turquoise Butter Print with my red kitchen and I am working on pulling in more turquoise accessories.  The Butterfly Gold is becoming a fast favorite as well.  I love the process of hunting for the Pyrex and then sharing with the Pyrex community on Facebook and Instagram the treasures that I found.  My collection is quickly growing and I am running out of room in the china cabinet.  Time for another piece of furniture to display all my pretties.

Some changes around here

I decided to make some changes to my blog.  I found that keeping this blog only for Genealogy has really limited my creativity in blogging.  I have a lot of interests besides Genealogy and maintaining multiple blogs does not work for me.  I have decided to combine all of my interests into one blog.  I am keeping the name Our Life Picture by Picture because this blog is all about my life and the many things that I enjoy.

The image below shows my blog header (which I am going to be changing soon) and the menu below it.  From here you can select the topics that you want to view.

You can also view topics by clicking on a label {tag} to go to that topic.

The Evernote Links tab has a link to all Evernote posts, some popular Evernote posts, and a link to my shared Evernote notebook
I'm hoping this blog makeover will allow me to keep my blogging mojo since I will be able to post about other things besides Genealogy.  Don't worry...I am still doing Genealogy.
As always, if you have any…

Lewis and Masteller -- #atozchallenge

Anna Regine Lewis Masteller
Relationship :My 2nd Great-Grandmother

DOB : 16 May 1869 -- Waller, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
MD : 17 Mar 1887 -- Columbia county, Pennsylvania
DOD : 21 Aug 1933 -- Berwick, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
Burial : 23 Aug 1933 -- Roselawn Cemetery, Berwick, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
Parents : Isaac Lewis and Ellen Kohensparger Lewis
Siblings : Theodore, Andrew, Daniel, Jacob, Henry, Fernando, Mary Elizabeth and Brittain G.
Husband : Furman Curry Masteller
Children : Uknown Masteller, Ellen Erdine, William Isaac, Robert Peter, Emmons P., Hattie L. {died at 3 yrs old}, Vera Emogene, Michael Z., and Florence Low-Ella {my Great-grandmother.  Also known as Mom Hunter}

************************************************************************************ Furman Curry Masteller
DOB : 5 May 1862 -- Grassmere Park, Sugarloaf Township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
DOD : 4 Mar 1935 -- Pennsylvania
Burial : 7 Mar 1935 -- Roselawn Cemetery, Berwick, Columbia county, Pennsylvan…

Killian -- #atozchallenge

John Killian Relationship : My 4th Great-grandfather

DOB : 15 Oct 1818 -- Stroudsburg, Monroe county, Pennsylvania
MD : abt 1840
DOD : unknown
Burial : unknown {pretty sure it will be in Wilkes-Barre}
Parents : unknown
Siblings : unknown
Wife : Amie VanHorn Killian
Children :Ami H.{my 3rd Great-grandfather}, John W., Emma, Nathan, Frank, Wilbur, George, and Samantha {George and Samantha are twins}
I'm hoping to get caught up this week.  The weather here in PA is gorgeous and we spent the weekend outside getting ready for flowers and clearing away the debris fall and winter left behind.  It will take multiple posts per day to get to where I should be...wish me luck :)

Johnson -- #atozchallenge

Juliana JOHNSON Richter Relationship : Jason's 6th Great-grandmother

DOB : unknown -- Middletown Township, Chester, Pennsylvania
MD : unknown
DOD : unknown
Burial : unknown
Parents : unknown
Siblings : unknown
Husband : Christian Richter
Children : John Christian Righter
As you can see there is a lot that is unknown about Juliana.  Hunting down her information is what makes genealogy fun!
If you are related to Juliana and want to share your information please contact me!

Ikeler -- #atozchallenge

Relationship : Jason's Great-great aunt

DOB : 6 Sep 1868 -- Greenwood Township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
MD : 2 Aug 1888 -- Fishing Creek Township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
DOD : 10 Apr 1943 -- Benton, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
Burial : unknown {pretty sure it will be in Benton}
Parents : William J. Kramer and Mary Susan Welsh Kramer
Siblings : Burton L, Ella May, Myra Jane, Carrie, Anna Leah, Bruce Earl, Lelia
Husband : Channing B. Ikeler

Children : Iris and Darl

Hough -- #atozchallenge

Anna Jane Hough GenselRelationship : 3rd Great-grandmother
DOB : 1 Feb 1879 -- Briar Creek Township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania 
MD : 15 Jul 1899
DOD : 1 Mar 1960
Burial : unknown
Parents : William Hough and Mary _____ Hough
Siblings : unknown
Husband : Walter Lynn Gensel

Children : Edna Mae, Elsie O., Sarah Alverda, Myrtle Agnes, Samuel Franklin, Isaac Daniel, Viola Emma, and Pauline Daisy

Gensel -- #atozchallenge

Playing catch up on the A to Z Challenge

Relationship : My 5th Great-grandfather

DOB : 11 Nov 1815 -- Roaring Creek Township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
MD : 3 Mar 1836
DOD : 20 Oct 1894
Burial : Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Talmar, Columbia county, Pennsylvania
Parents : Daniel Gensel and Elizabeth _____ Gensel
Siblings : unknown
Wife : Sarah Breech

Children : Henry J, Isaac Daniel{my 4th great-grandfather and the subject of last years letter G for the 2015 A to Z Challenge}, Alen B., Burdilla, Mary J., and Martha E.

Flexor -- #atozchallenge

Playing catch up on the A to Z Challenge


Relationship : Jason's 3rd Great-Great Aunt

DOB : 5 Mar 1832
MD : Abt. 1856
DOD : 6 Mar 1907 -- Williamsport, Lycoming county, Pennsylvania
Burial : 9 Mar 1907
Parents : unknown
Siblings : unknown
Husband : Isaac Kinley

Children : Fremont, John, Elizabeth, Harriet, Ardell, Lloyd, Irene