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Remembering our Ancestors

Today, I have been reminiscing about some of my research and remembering our ancestors.  Joseph Thomas was one of the first ancestors that I spent a lot of time researching and wanting to know more.  There is still more to find out and connections to make.  Below is a post I did last year about Joseph. How are you remembering your ancestors this Memorial Day?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Joseph is my husband's 3rd great-grandfather.   Joseph was born in 1830 probably in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and he died 3 Apr 1865 in Hopewell, Prince George County, Virginia from wounds received during the Civil War. Joseph married Elizabeth Jane Savage (I blogged about  Elizabeth's burial search  before) 19 June 1854 in Fishing Creek Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.  Joseph and Elizabeth had 7 children: Daniel W. Thomas John W. Thomas Joshua Eugene Thomas (My husband's 2n

Took a little break... celebrate Mother's Day and my 11 year anniversary! The last few days have been great! Now back to our regularly scheduled genealogy!

Sunday Sources

During the A to Z challenge for April I had a few requests to see more about my sources.  For the next month or so I am going to post about some of my sources in Legacy on Sundays. In the source list name it looks like Baptism--Pennsylvania--Columbia County--Orangeville--Zion Reformed Church.  The citation is as follows: Zion Reformed Church (Orangeville, Pennsylvania, USA), Baptism Certificate, Richard Donald Thomas (1923), issued 1 Jun 1923. Cit. Date 4 Dec 2012. I have a copy of the original certificate.  It is for my husband's grandfather.

What I learned from the A to Z Challenge

I should have planned my posts better.  When I first started I was doing great and then weekend happened!  Next time I will plan ahead and have posts done and scheduled to post. I really like blogging!  I looked forward to writing each post and sharing my Legacy database and Evernote. I really like the comments from my readers.  I tried very hard to make sure that I commented on those who left me comments. There are a lot of great bloggers out there! Even those who are non genealogy addicts still found my blog interesting! I like sharing Legacy tips and tricks and how I use it in my genealogy. Evernote is great at archiving posts with a little help from IFTTT .   My Legacy to do list and my sources need some cleaning up. I still don't have a great way to track my genealogy -- A research log would be great if I could decide on the best way to do it. I LOVE genealogy! I hope everyone has enjoyed the A to Z challenge for April.  If there are still questions about