Wednesday, April 22, 2015

R is for Residence

 I use a Residence Event / Fact anytime there is an address listed that is not from a Census.  The residence can be found on any number of documents.  The one shown below from 4 Nov 1945 is from Harold's WWII Army discharge papers {shown in the image below.}

Individual Information screen showing Harold Elwood Seigfreid {my great grandfather.}  In his Event / Fact list you can see his two residence facts at the bottom {I see I need to add a source to the 2nd one.}

This is Harold's chronology view.  You can see where the two Residence Facts / Events fall in with the rest of the Events / Facts in his lifetime {in green above.}

 How do you record the Residence Fact / Event in your database?

See you back here for letter S tomorrow or later on today!

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