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Happy Birthday Darwin Siegfried

Today is my great grandfather Darwin's birthday.  I never he met him or his wife, my great grandmother, Laura Houseknecht Siegfried. Darwin was born 22 October 1892 in Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA and he died 26 April 1976 in Mountain Top, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA. embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Evernote Web Clipper, Skitch and Screenpresso

I did a couple of screen shots today to answer some questions about the Evernote Web Clipper so I thought I would share them here and also talk about Skitch and Screenpresso.  I use each of these for different things. Evernote Web Clipper If I am doing genealogy or just looking for something on the web I will use the Evernote Web Clipper.  Why?  The Evernote Web Clipper lives in my Google Chrome browser.  By just clicking on the little elephant icon the Web Clipper appears!(#1 in image below).  In the Evernote Web Clipper I have various clipping options available to me. They include(#2 above): Article Simplified article Full page Bookmark Screenshot I use Article, Simplified article and Full page the most; in all three of these you can use the highlighter to highlight text.   It is easy to select the notebook you want your clip to go in and to also add tags.  Just below the Add tag button there is one called Add remark and here you can type anything about the

Genealogical Sabbatical

Yesterday for the LVUG monthly hangout they discussed taking a year and doing research and visiting the places your ancestors were.  The origianl idea came from Jennifer Shoer at The Scrappy Genealogist .  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to an unexpected visit from my aunt. (We always have such a great time when we are together.) Luckily for me the majority of my family and my husband's family came from the area where I currently live.  Therefore, a lot of my research is focused on this area and the surrounding areas. Month 1: I would first spend some time with my database cleaning up stuff, checking to see where I need to go, and making sure my to do list is in order. Month 2 : I would spend my time between the Columbia County Historical and Genealogical Society (my local historical society in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania) and the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society that is about 45 minuets away.  I am also researching for a marriage in Wyoming County Penns

Surname Saturday : Thomas

The map below shows the frequency of the Thomas surname; the greener to color the more frequently the surname appears in that state. Name Popularity | FindTheBest According to Find the Best  Thomas is ranked as #14 in the United States.  On Find the Best the meaning of Thomas is  a surname of  Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, and Indian  origin. It is derived from words meaning  twin .

Tuesday's Tip -- Sunrise Calendar and Evernote

July 2017 update :  Sunrise Calendar was discontinued.  After some trial and error I found an alternative.  You can find the post here . A few months ago I was looking for a new calendar app for my ipad that would integrate with my Google calendar; I tried a couple out but ended up sticking with Sunrise Calendar. [Click images to make them larger.] Here is the month view: Week view: Sidebar details included in the image below: These are the Google calendars that are attached to this calendar. This is my Facebook account; it shows birthdays and events. This is my Evernote account. Preferences (more detail on this below). Toggles the Sidebar on and off. In each of the sections above (1, 2, and 3) you can use the check box to toggle your calendars on and off. #4 Preferences detail: The Accounts tab is where the magic happens.  When you first setup your account you will need to go to the Accounts tab to connect your other accounts. The first image bel