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It has been a while since I posted! Still...nothing has changed. This last week has been well...BORING! I was not even online much. I did however teach myself to knit...I am making a scarf for Hunter. I have not even taken many pictures...imagine that! I will upload the few that I have taken later...blogger is being a pain! Nic...I did go to the doctor though...I/We go see an infertility specialist at the end of March...can't wait! I want to be pregnant so bad! I keep teasing Jason and telling him that we are going to have twins! He does not think I am too funny most of the time. "If they fit coming out one will fit going back in" he says! But...if we would end up with mutiples he will be fine with it...he has! BTW: I will take those pics...I need to do some girly pages!