Friday, June 30, 2006

The flood

I have LOTS more pictures to post but right now I keep loosing my internet connection so it is making it hard to post. I will get some more done tonight and send an email to you so you can see the rest. If you want me to send you an email update email me at ...stay tuned for more soon!

Ryan and Meg's House

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More From Harry & MIllies's House

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Harry & Millie's House

The wood pile...why people ask...because you can see where the water was. These pictures were taken on Wednesday morning.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flood of 2006

This is what the creek behind our house looked like this morning around 10:00. It was really scarry here lastnight when I heard the rushing water and then got the flash light to see where the water was. The only damage is to the creek bank and where the bank was washed out from under the bridge.

Stay tuned for more flood pictures!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Wow!! I just got home from work a little while was raining so hard that I could barely see and all the roads are just a mess. I had to take a detour...such a round about way to get home let me tell you...took me about an hour compared to what takes me about 25 mins. normally. The creek behind our house is moving really really fast and it is smaking into the bridge that goes over it. It sure is making some really loud sounds! A tree crashed into it a while ago. So far the power is on...obviously...but who knows for how long! I dont know if Jason will be able to get home from work...he still has a half an hour to go. I called him and ended up crying on the phone because this creek really has me freaked out! It is so strange...I keep getting the flash light and shining it out the back door to see where it is...not like is going to go down or anything...I guess I just keep checking to make sure it is not at the back door. I just keep rambling on and on because I know I will go check it again soon and then just walk all over the house about 50 times...that is not going to help anything! But...I will have some good flood pictures that is supposed to make me feel any better! I know I feel much better once Jason gets home from work! I need to calm down...just breath deep...nice clensing breths...nope not

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hunter is home

Yeah...he decided to come home from vacation! I bribed him to let me take his picture! Here are two that I really like from two different times. I'm learning that I have to get the pictures done right the first time or he will get all if I can get the shots in and overwith right away he dows much better. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 16, 2006

Look what we found today!!

Meg...the chocolate lab...was driving me nuts the other day when we were outside. There is a hole with a screen window covering it in the foundation of our house and she kept going over to it and carrying on...I thought she was NUTS! Then today Jason went to take the dogs out and something caught his eye...a kitten (the white and brown 0ne) was sitting by the screen. So he calls me outside and tells me to leave Meg in the house...what the heck. He tells me to go over to the screen and get my damn kitten! Whe I went over there were two of the dark ones and the white one. So...he takes the screen away and of course they ran away to hide. He goes in the house and comes out with cat food and milk! He sits the stuff by the hole and we wait...about ten minuets or so...mommy kitty comes and eats and wants us to pet her. Then the babies come out one by one. Jason says I hope that is all there this point there were two and then we saw another dark there are three...hopefully that is all. They were out there playing most of the afternoon and all I saw was three of them. So now I need kitty names. I think we will probably try to get rid of one or two of them...Jason really likes the white and brown one. We have not been able to get close enough to them to pet them yet. Hunter is on vacation with his dad so I cannot wait until he gets home and sees them!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Just some pictures that I have taken lately...some need some tweaking but I am so loving taking pictures!! Just running out of things/people to take pictures of...Hunter is now running the other way when he sees the camera come out...the animals dont sit still long enough...jason just wont let me take pictures of him...and...i am getting bored with flowers. Any one want their picture taken???

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